Shooting tendenies of various Championship players

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...And in some cases, current Premier League players. I mentioned last week the scouting potential we had from ESPN's gamecenter app. Although the data on lower and foreign leagues isn't nearly as accurate, it still shows us something. Using similar methods as I described last week, here are the Expected Goals and Shot Quality index for some of the newer Fulham players, and also some of the Championship's top prospects:

Player Seaon G EG SQ G/EG
Zoltan Gera 2006/07 3 5.71 0.894 0.525
2007/08 8 8.46 0.989 0.945
2008/09 2 3.14 1.321 0.637
Dickson Etuhu 2005/06 2 3.12 1.293 0.640
2006/07 6 5.91 1.048 1.015
2008/09 1 0.67 0.717 1.495
Julian Gray 2007/08 3 3.25 1.232 0.924
Collins John 2007/08 2 3.14 1.282 0.638
Andrew Johnson 2005/06 13 8.84 1.012 1.471
Giles Barnes 2005/06 1 1.26 0.564 0.794
2006/07 8 5.85 0.862 1.368
Andrew Surman 2005/06 2 1.70 0.950 1.177
2006/07 4 3.58 0.782 1.118
2007/08 1 2.70 0.587 0.370
Dexter Blackstock 2005/06 6 4.70 1.446 1.276
2006/07 12 11.84 1.385 1.014
2007/08 5 7.76 1.547 0.644
Michael Kightly 2006/07 8 7.28 0.871 1.099
2007/08 4 4.40 1.280 0.908
Michael Mifsud 2006/07 4 3.27 1.067 1.223
2007/08 10 7.98 0.954 1.253
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake 2006/07 7 8.16 1.273 0.858
2007/08 18 12.90 1.239 1.396
Ben Watson 2005/06 4 3.43 0.527 1.166
2006/07 1 0.96 0.471 1.038
2007/08 3 4.10 0.538 0.732
2008/09 2 1.66 0.931 1.206
Owen Garvan 2005/06 3 1.73 0.691 1.731
2006/07 1 2.42 0.606 0.413
2007/08 2 3.22 0.588 0.621
Joe Ledley 2005/06 3 2.49 1.076 1.205
2006/07 3 2.65 0.829 1.133
2007/08 9 6.00 1.227 1.499

Most interesting to me is Zoltan Gera. We've seen him appear out of nowhere in dangerous areas this season, but according to this, he didn't do as much of that in the past. Also, his goals/expected ratio is a little low, suggesting that his questionable finishing isn't necessarily new. Dickson Etuhu looks like the exact opposite, although his 08/09 sample isn't much yet. Cardiff's Joe Ledley looks like a consistent quality shooter. So does Ben Watson, but Wigan got to him first. Giles Barnes' 06/07 season looks very encouraging. Anyway, I'll dig deeper into this over the summer, I'm sure. As for right now, I'm hard at work trying out some new ways to improve my existing stats, such as determining which events are most likely to lead to goals. I feel like we've got team performances (which really ultimately stems from goal difference) pretty well defined, but accurately distributing that amongst individuals is forever a work in progress.

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