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I don't talk a whole lot about transfer rumors here, but this one is pretty funny. The constantly-linked South African international is apparently trying to follow us to Australia. If you remember, Roy confirmed that we had him on trial last summer, and decided not to sign him. Now, its entirely possible that we may have told him something like, "we're willing to give you a another shot next year, good luck!" I'm sure that sort of thing happens a lot. But he (or more likely, his agent), hasn't stopped leaking reports that his signing with Fulham was imminent. Even after Roy stated publically that we're not interested.

You've got to give the guy credit for trying, even if it is getting a little creepy.

lol, I had an idea for a post

lol, I had an idea for a post along these lines but forgot about it. Amused me a good deal too.

I don't get it . . why is a

I don't get it . . why is a football player trying to advance his career creepy? People go on trial, people try to get signed by bigger clubs in more prestigious leagues. What's funny and/or creepy about that? Seems normal.

Word is all that's in his way right now is a medical . . http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_5458203,00.html

Nothing creepy about going on

Nothing creepy about going on trial or showcasing yourself for a club in itself, but following the club around, uninvited as far as I can tell, to various continents is a little odd. It definitely seems that he's making all of these rumors and stories up - he's been saying "I'm signing with Fulham any day now!" for over a year.

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