Fulham F.C. is my absolute favorite team in all of European football. Actually, in all of sports. If I were held at gunpoint and the shooter asked what my favorite team of anything was, I would yell Fulham a hundred times. So I wanted to debrief most of the newcomers into what exactly makes up Fulham. I will not go into detail obviously, as Wikipedia is a great source to learn about its history. But I do want to go over some of the talking points that I think are interesting and should make you know more about it.

So the soccer club is based in Fulham located in London, England. To sum up their performance over the decades, they haven't really won anything major. We are usually at the top divisions but no major final scores. 

Some of the best Cottagers (nickname for Fulham players) that ever came from this club are Alan Mullery, Rodney Marsh, George Cohen, and Johnny Haynes. Haynes in particular is one of my favorite greats. Our rival is Chelsea F.C. even though we do not play them that often. Still, anytime we do have a match, even for an exhibition, the crowd goes wild and everyone tunes in.