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  • Furkan Ozcal is my favorite football player. Soccer/football is probably the sport I watch the most and I am from Turkey so Furkan is the athlete I most love watching play.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I call him the greatest player of all time (though some cede that to Michael Jordan). I love the Milwaukee Bucks. Never got to watch Kareem but his stats are absolutely legendary.

  • Giannis is a special kid. Also on the Bucks and he is their franchise superstar now. Watch out for him! Hope to bring a championship back to Milwaukee soon.

  • You guys have read how I love all kinds of sports. Mixed Martial Arts is something I have gotten into lately and McGregor is UFC's biggest athlete. Love watching him fight as well as trash talk! Very cool guy.

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Passing in the box

Some more Zamora debate on TIFF lead me to dig up an interesting bit of info:

League-wide passing % in the 18-yard box: 43.6
Bobby Zamora's passing % in the 18-yard box: 56.2

That's part of what we mean when we say "defending from the front", right? You may not want your forwards playing near your own goal, but holding possession in dangerous areas does have a ton of value.

I was curious, so I pulled up the league leaders, minimum 30 attempts:

Player Team Passes Accurate Passes %
Adebayor Arsenal 44 28 0.636
Mido Wigan 53 30 0.566
Zamora Fulham 73 41 0.562
Ireland Man City 36 20 0.556
Keane Tottenham 32 17 0.531
Rooney Man Utd 40 21 0.525
Johnson Fulham 40 20 0.500
Santa Cruz Blackburn 37 18 0.486
Anelka Chelsea 44 21 0.477
Cole West Ham 42 20 0.476

Not bad company. Like many others have said, he does everything but score. If he scored a few more goals, he'd be a £20m striker.