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  • Furkan Ozcal is my favorite football player. Soccer/football is probably the sport I watch the most and I am from Turkey so Furkan is the athlete I most love watching play.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I call him the greatest player of all time (though some cede that to Michael Jordan). I love the Milwaukee Bucks. Never got to watch Kareem but his stats are absolutely legendary.

  • Giannis is a special kid. Also on the Bucks and he is their franchise superstar now. Watch out for him! Hope to bring a championship back to Milwaukee soon.

  • You guys have read how I love all kinds of sports. Mixed Martial Arts is something I have gotten into lately and McGregor is UFC's biggest athlete. Love watching him fight as well as trash talk! Very cool guy.

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A word about the site

I have to be completely honest here. Championshipatbest.com is not looking too good right now. And quite frankly that is very unlikely to change over the next few weeks. Reason being that the designer for my old site (which was much better than this but still not up to par admittedly with other blogs) has left for other ventures. So I am left here doing something I have hardly any experience in.

I know, I know. Just understand I am trying to strive here and I have received many personal requests, even from my real life friends, to bring the page back up because they enjoyed some of the things I had to say about Turkish football, among other things. I have since planned to add more material based on the sports I watch, which is not limited to just European football. I reside in the US and follow basketball quite often nowadays and have also gotten into fighting. From my homepage, you can see that some of my favorite athletes, including Furkan Ozcal (obviously. I have been a huge fan of him for years), Conor McGregor of the UFC, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Giannis Antetokounmpo (I had to Google that and copy+paste it to show respect to his last name). I am a huge Bucks fan. Kareem is one of the greats and I truly feel Giannis will be up there considering his amazing potential.

With all of this out of the way, I truly thank my dearest fans for sticking with me and being patient. The site will remain in its decent design stage for a while but I will try my best to get some content up. Anyone that wants to post for free (no linking out unfortunately; been abused by that too many times on my old Blogger) can contact me via email: colinthebaker at email dot com